Staff  and Visitor Houses.  These will provide accommodation for both senior and junior nurses with 10 new homes being constructed as well as a smart new guesthouse for visiting medical professionals. Ultimately we aim to renovate and extend the old rotary house which guests currently stay in and this would leave the new visitors block to provide further nursing accommodation in the future. By improving the standards of accommodation for staff, the living and working environment will be significantly improved, and will help the hospital attract and retain essential staff – a vital project.

The money raised to date already provides vital medical equipment and supplies, and has contributed towards the refurbishment of the maternity and surgical block. Most of the fundraising takes the form of charity evenings and events but we will continue to be extremely grateful to receive independent donations.

We have identified further urgent needs here in Kamuli Mission Hospital, namely the refurbishment of the medical ward, relocation of the paediatric ward and rebuilding of the current surgical ward. In addition there is pressing need to improve the transportation between the hospital and the rural community and Alice’s project for the next year is to raise funds for a new ambulance to bring pregnant women in labour who are running into difficulties in the community.

We are happy to help and participate in any fundraising activities that anyone might wish to undertake on behalf of Kamuli Friends!

Kamuli friends page- Dr Philip Unwin assessing the new building site Kamuli Friends page Kamuli Friends- Dr Philip Unwin overseeing the building works