The Mosawi Foundation has provided vital support to Kamuli Friends and Kamuli Mission Hospital. To date they have provided essential funding which has made it possible to build new accommodation for staff and visitors at the hospital. The new nurses accommodation will provided 8 new homes for the resident nurses at the hospital and their families. This will provide a much needed morale boost for the hardworking staff at the hospital, who work long hours with low wages and few breaks. In addition, Kamuli Mission Hospital benefits from  frequent visits from skilled clinicians and volunteers to provide essential teaching and training to the hospital staff. The new guest accommodation, also funded by the Mosawi foundation, will allow more visitors to ensure that the hospital continues to receive essential up-to-date training.

As well as supporting building projects, the Mosawi foundation has also provided support for the training of resident clinician in Uganda.

In September 2015, Ali Mosawi travelled to Kamuli to see the projects and to officially open the new guesthouse and to meet the staff who had moved happily into their new accommodation


We are so thankful for their involvement in making these essential projects a reality.



Handover of the nurses accommodation



The guesthouse in progress


two senior nurses houses


Furniture making for the guesthouse at the local technical school


Hard workers at the guesthouse