Since January, Kamuli has been lucky enough to have had a steady stream of clinical volunteers, elective students and visitors! Dr Gideon Katzenburg arrived in Kamuli in January and plunged feet first into running the medical ward, his contribution the the hospital was invaluable and the hospital showed their appreciation and gratitude by throwing him an amazing farewell party (with cake)! His three month stay passed quickly and he was replaced by Dr Sarah-Beth McLelland who continues the sterling work on the medical ward as we speak. In addition to these two medical ward champions, the hospital have also been lucky to have a nurse giving a helping hand in the outpatient and paediatric department. Will Pooley has been working a long side the dedicated local team offering his experience in emergency care.

Dr Pippa Pyne, a consultant radiologist, Lucy Offer, sister of founder Dr Phillip were among some of the other visitors to the hospital this year.

If you would like to visit the hospital please contact